Philadelphia Union | Join or Die

Selected Work

Philadelphia Union - "Join or Die". Our motto echoes from the halls of our forefathers onto every back street, backyard, and backfielder. Philadelphia is our city.

Born in the crucible of revolution, a struggle endured in order to form a more perfect union. A union of brotherly love. A union of devotees, true to a cause. A union of the people, by the people, for the people.

Our Union isn't just what makes us strong, it's what sets us apart.

Director - Jeremy Leibovitch
Producer - Jeremy Leibovitch & Anthony Pellino
DP - Zach Lowry
B-Cam - Sam Wolff
AC - Jenny Chan
Steadicam - Calvin Falk
Assistant Director - Jake Baker
Production Designer - Ally Brady
Gaffer - Sam Wolff
Grips - Jonathan Zhang, Hai Nguyen

Editors - Gianluigi Carella, Zach Stone
Post Sound Mix - Bobb Barito
Color - Jared Rosenthal